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Customer Service
After-sales service hotline:   4008-889-859
Guangdong Senrop Furniture Co,Ltd
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AddressZhongshan Road, Fifth Industrial Park Fu Banfu

   Pre-sale services                    <<more


尿太深了磨撞开宫口(A) professional advice, site mapping, measuring, custom services.

(B) flat office space planning, configuration advice and proposals.

(C) free computer-aided graphic design.

(D) to arrange workshop and gallery visits the customer display, conditions permit can be arranged to visit the customer site.

(E) to provide product information, pictures, swatches, and can provide the necessary support to the project specific product information

   The sale of services <<more

(A) in strict accordance with customer order requirements of feed, production, and on time delivery.

(B) of the professional installer in accordance with standard operating manuals and drawings for all-day assembly, to ensure timely, quality and complete, free use of temporary replacement with other products.

(C) on-site cleaning after assembly and product use, maintenance instructions guide.


(A) a comprehensive and detailed furniture industry expertise to provide consulting services to guide customers to the proper use and maintenance of furniture.

(B) of the manned telephone receiving customer complaints, customer feedback, efficient, rapid response, to provide practical solutions;

(C) to improve the results of hand tracking, regular follow up call, making customer profile data, to establish good customer relationships.

尿太深了磨撞开宫口(D) in the product warranty period, the right quality of our products, provide free home repair services;

尿太深了磨撞开宫口(E) delivery of all goods and is responsible for installation;

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